(1) Seoul Area 首爾會眾


Korean Bible Education Center
Bucheon City, Seongnae-Dong

South Korea

3 Minutes walk from Songnae Station (Exit #1) (on the Seoul-Incheon subway line)

Telephone:    032) 662 7344 :  02) 858- 0236




(2) Busan Area 釜山會眾


Bible Seminars are currently being held every Saturday evening (7:00 p.m.) at:

TOZ Community Cafe
Busan University Branch

3 Minutes walk from Busan University Station (Exit #3)

Located on the 3rd Floor, directly opposite Starbucks, and diagonally opposite Burger King.

Telephone:    Bible Education Centre:  010 8953 8343:  051) 528 8349
                           TOZ - Busan University Branch: 051) 514 0052



Please - send us an email with your questions!

If you would like to contact the Christadelphians in Korea for more information please email any of the following:

              Matthew:  mkjamieson@gmail.com 
              Tom:         tomattti@gmail.com 
              Garry:       garryhindmarsh@gmail.com


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