Egypt 埃及

Population: 81 million. Egypt map
Language: Arabic.
Religions: Sunni Muslim, Christian.


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Ukraine 烏克蘭

Ukraine gained its independence on the breakup of the Soviet union in 1991 and is the second most important member Ukraine mapof the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Strategically very important, it is relatively stable and free of major ethnic tensions.

Population: 46 million.
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian.
Main religions: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic.

Link man David Pearce

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Population: 58 million. Italy map
Language: Italian.
Main religion: Roman Catholic.

Link man Simon Phillips

CBM activities There has been preaching in Italy since the 1920s, with regular visits starting in 1984, mainly centred on Bologna, Brescia, Milan, Rome and Verona. Correspondence and regular visits provide fellowship with brethren and sisters in isolation, discussions with existing contacts, and attempts are made to reach new contacts. Preaching is through personal contact, fly-billing and special talks. Most brethren and sisters and contacts have English, so language is not a barrier.

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Poland was the first country to break through the Iron Curtain in 1989. The free market is now flourishing, but industrial pollutionPoland map is a major problem.

Population: 38 million.
Language: Polish.
Main religion: Roman Catholic.

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(1) Seoul Area 首爾會眾


Korean Bible Education Center
Bucheon City, Seongnae-Dong

South Korea

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ESL 聖經英語教學班
Bible classes for English as a Second Language

Australia 澳洲

Sydney 雪梨

Shaftesbury Road Christadelphian Hall, Burwood 2134

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The Christadelphians

Introducing a Bible-based community


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(1)新加坡基督弟兄會  Singapore Christadelphians


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History of Christadelphians in Hong Kong


並非完全是未識之神 A not totally unknown God

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Belfast Christadelphians
Our address is  
The Christadelphians,
100d Ladas Drive, Belfast BT6 9FH
Northern Ireland

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