Israel and neighbours

IIsrael and neighbours mapsrael
Population: 7 million.
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian.
Main religions: Jewish, Islam.
Population: 6 million.
Language: Arabic.
Main religion: Islam.
Population: 4 million.
Languages: Arabic, French.
Main religions: Islam, Maronite Christian.

Link man (Israel) Chris Brook

CBM activities
(Israel) Since May 2007 there has been an Israel ecclesia numbering 25. Meetings are held primarily in Rishon LeZyyon on Saturdays with a supplementary memorial meeting in Tel Aviv most Sundays.
Most preaching is by personal contact.
Bible schools are held each year in May and October.
There are regular pastoral visits with group meetings and home visits to brethren and sisters unable to travel.

(Israel) About 25 members in total, many in the Tel Aviv/Rishon LeZyyon area; (Jordan) 3 members (though no contact in recent times);
(Lebanon) 3 members (though no contact in recent times).



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